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The steps-to-miles calculation here is based on a 2008 study from the American College of Sports Medicine, which analyzed how many steps people of ‘normal weight’ took to walk one mile at different speeds, considering their height and gender. The study involved 44 individuals and helped create a more accurate way to convert steps into miles for men and women of varying heights.

How to Calculate Steps to Miles?

To determine how far you’ve walked in miles from your step count, you can follow these methods, whether you prefer calculations in feet or inches:

Using Feet:

  1. Find Your Step Length: Determine your step length. If not measured, the typical length is around 2.2 feet for women or 2.5 feet for men.
  2. Calculate Feet Walked: Multiply your step length by the total number of steps taken. For example, if you’re a woman with a step length of 2.2 feet and you’ve walked 1,000 steps, the calculation would be: 2.2 feet x 1,000 steps = 2,200 feet walked.
  3. Convert to Miles: To convert feet to miles, divide the total feet by 5,280 (the number of feet in a mile). So, using our example: 2,200 feet ÷ 5,280 feet = about 0.42 miles.

Using Inches:

  1. Determine Your Step Length in Inches: Find out your step length in inches, using 26 inches for women or 30 inches for men if not personally measured.
  2. Calculate Inches Walked: Multiply the step length by your step count. Using the average for a woman, it would be: 26 inches x 1,000 steps = 26,000 inches.
  3. Convert to Miles: To find the miles, divide the total number of inches by 63,360 (the number of inches in a mile). For the example given: 26,000 inches ÷ 63,360 inches = approximately 0.41 miles.

For accuracy, directly measuring your step length is best. To do this, count out ten steps, measure the distance from start to finish, and then divide by ten to get your average step length.

We’ll show you How to Measure Your Step Length in a later section of our article, so you can get personalized results from your step count.

How Many Steps to Miles Chart:

According to University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Cente research, the average step length for women is roughly 66 cm (2.17 ft), and for men, it’s about 79 cm (2.59 ft).
Based on the step lengths provided by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center research, we have calculated the steps to miles for both men and women.

Here’s a simple chart showing how many miles are covered by a given number of steps:

StepsMiles for MenMiles for Women
1,0000.49 miles0.41 miles
2,0000.98 miles0.82 miles
3,0001.47 miles1.23 miles
4,0001.96 miles1.64 miles
5,0002.45 miles2.05 miles
6,0002.94 miles2.46 miles
7,0003.43 miles2.87 miles
8,0003.92 miles3.28 miles
9,0004.41 miles3.69 miles
10,0004.90 miles4.10 miles
11,0005.39 miles4.51 miles
12,0005.88 miles4.92 miles
13,0006.37 miles5.33 miles
14,0006.86 miles5.74 miles
15,0007.35 miles6.15 miles
16,0007.84 miles6.56 miles
17,0008.33 miles6.97 miles
18,0008.82 miles7.38 miles
19,0009.31 miles7.79 miles
20,0009.80 miles8.20 miles

Keep in mind, these values are approximations, calculated using the average step lengths of 79 cm (2.59 ft) for men and 66 cm (2.17 ft) for women. Actual distances may vary based on individual walking speed and step lengths.

How Many Steps in Miles Conversion by Pace

A study provided a handy reference for the average number of steps per mile at different walking and running speeds:

Walking at 3 mph (20 minutes per mile): Approximately 2,252 steps per mile.
Walking at 4 mph (15 minutes per mile): Around 1,935 steps per mile.
Running at 5 mph (12 minutes per mile): Roughly 1,951 steps per mile.
Running at 6 mph (10 minutes per mile): About 1,672 steps per mile.
Running at 7.5 mph (8 minutes per mile): Close to 1,400 steps per mile.

Utilizing the data from the study, you can estimate the distance you’ve traveled in miles based on the number of steps you’ve taken.

Here’s a more detailed chart to visualize these conversions:

StepsNormal Walking 20 min/mile (3 mph)Brisk Walking 15 min/mile (4 mph)Normal Running 10 min/mile (6 mph)Fast Running 8 min/mile (7.5 mph)
1,0000.44 miles0.52 miles0.60 miles0.71 miles
2,0000.89 miles1.03 miles1.20 miles1.43 miles
3,0001.33 miles1.55 miles1.79 miles2.14 miles
4,0001.78 miles2.07 miles2.39 miles2.86 miles
5,0002.22 miles2.58 miles2.99 miles3.57 miles
6,0002.66 miles3.10 miles3.59 miles4.29 miles
7,0003.11 miles3.62 miles4.19 miles5.00 miles
8,0003.55 miles4.14 miles4.79 miles5.71 miles
9,0004.00 miles4.65 miles5.39 miles6.43 miles
10,0004.44 miles5.17 miles5.99 miles7.14 miles
12,0005.33 miles6.21 miles7.19 miles8.57 miles
15,0006.67 miles7.76 miles8.99 miles10.71 miles
20,0008.89 miles10.35 miles11.99 miles14.29 miles

How Many Steps Is a Mile?

On average, women take about 2,432 steps to walk one mile, given their average step length of 2.17 feet, as reported by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Men, with a longer average step length of 2.59 feet, take around 2,039 steps per mile. These numbers are averages; actual steps per mile may vary with individual step lengths. For general health tracking, roughly 2,000 steps are often equated to one mile.

How Many Miles Is 5000 Steps?

Assuming average step lengths based on the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center research: for women with an average step length of 2.17 feet, 5,000 steps equate to approximately 2.06 miles. For men, with a longer average step length of 2.59 feet, 5,000 steps come out to about 2.45 miles. These values are estimates; individual step lengths will result in varying distances. For quick reference, 5,000 steps are roughly equivalent to 2 to 2.5 miles.

How Many Miles Is 6000 Steps?

For an average woman with a step length of 2.17 feet, 6000 steps translate to about 2.48 miles. In contrast, an average man with a step length of 2.59 feet will cover approximately 2.94 miles in 6000 steps. These calculations are based on average step lengths and actual mileage may vary depending on individual stride differences. For a quick estimate, 6000 steps is close to 2.5 to 3 miles.

How Many Miles is 7000 Steps?

If we use the average step lengths from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 7,000 steps for women with an average step length of 2.17 feet would be approximately 2.90 miles. For men, with an average step length of 2.59 feet, 7,000 steps would equate to around 3.31 miles. These distances are general estimates, as actual step length will cause individual variation.

How Many Miles Is 8000 Steps?

For individuals with average step lengths, 8,000 steps amount to roughly 3.33 miles for women (with a step length of 2.17 feet) and about 3.78 miles for men (with a step length of 2.59 feet). These estimates serve as a general guide; actual distances may vary based on personal step lengths

How Many Miles Is 10,000 Steps?

When walking, an average stride length between 2.1 to 2.5 feet means that 10,000 steps translate to approximately 4 to 5 miles. For running, strides are longer, so 10,000 steps could cover closer to 6 miles or more, depending on the individual’s running stride. The actual distance can vary greatly, with personal stride length and pace being the determining factors for both walking and running. Therefore, for accurate step-to-distance calculations, especially for running, it’s best to measure one’s own average stride length

How Many Miles is 12,000 Steps?

With an average stride length of 2.2 feet, a woman’s 12,000 steps would amount to roughly 5 miles. For a man with an average step length of 2.5 feet, 12,000 steps would be closer to 5.68 miles. While a general estimation of 2,000 steps per mile might suggest about 6 miles for 12,000 steps, individual step lengths lead to variations, making the actual distance specific to each person.

How Many Miles Is 15,000 Steps?

When walking, women averaging a step length of 2.17 feet would cover approximately 6.17 miles with 15,000 steps. In contrast, men with an average stride length of 2.59 feet walking the same number of steps would cover around 7.34 miles. These are estimations and can vary based on individual step differences.

How Many Miles Is 20,000 Steps?

Using average stride lengths, women walking 20,000 steps with a stride of 2.17 feet would travel approximately 8.23 miles. Men taking the same number of steps with a stride of 2.59 feet would cover about 9.79 miles.

How to Measure Your Step Length?

Understanding your step length can be very useful, especially if you’re tracking your daily activity levels or if you’re a runner or walker wanting to measure the distance you’ve covered. Here are three methods to determine your step length:

1. Calculating the Average Step Length in Each Distance

Find a Measurable Space: Locate a flat, straight path where you can walk at least 10 steps in a row without interruption.

Use a Measuring Tool: With a measuring tape or any device that can accurately measure distance, mark the start and end points of your path. For the most precise measurement, a longer distance is preferable.

Count Your Steps: Start walking at your normal pace and count out exactly ten steps. Be sure to begin with the heel of your first foot hitting the start mark and end with the toe of your final step at the end mark.

Measure the Distance: Once you’ve walked your ten steps, measure the distance from the start point to the end point. This is the total distance covered by your ten steps.

Calculate Your Average Step Length: To find your average step length, divide the total distance by the number of steps (which is ten in this case). If you’re using feet and inches, you may want to convert inches to feet (or vice versa) to get a single consistent unit.

Example Calculation:

If the distance covered by your ten steps is 25 feet, your calculation for average step length would be:

25 feet / 10 steps = 2.5 feet per step

Or, if you measured in inches, for instance, and the distance was 300 inches:

300 inches / 10 steps = 30 inches per step

Then convert inches to feet:

30 inches / 12 inches per foot = 2.5 feet per step

2. Estimate the Step Length by Your Height

You can estimate your step length using a formula based on your height, which is a factor influencing stride length.

For MenStep Length (inches) = Height (inches) x 0.415
For a man who is 74 inches tall, the calculation would be 74 x 0.415 = 30.71 inches per step.

For WomenStep Length (inches) = Height (inches) x 0.413
For a woman who is 64 inches tall, the calculation would be 64 x 0.413 = 26.43 inches per step.

Convert inches to feet by dividing by 12 if needed.

3. Using a Pedometer/App

Pedometers and smartphone apps can also estimate your step length and help track the distance you’ve walked.

Wear a Pedometer: Attach the device to your belt or download a step-tracking app on your smartphone. Ensure it’s properly calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Walk a Known Distance: To calibrate, walk a distance you know, such as a track where the distance is marked. Keep track of your steps as you walk.

Calibrate the Device/App: Enter the known distance into the device or app so it can calculate your average step length. It will divide the total distance by the number of steps taken.

Use It Regularly: Now, when you walk, the pedometer or app will use your average step length to estimate the distance you’ve covered.


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